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Privilege program


There are things that happen accidentally, unplanned and unexpected.  Though, there are things and issues that we are dealing with every day.  Preparing for them properly once - we can forget about it! One of such daily routines is shopping!

Galactico Privilege program has been created for clients loyal to Galactico shopping centers so that they could pay less for the purchases they make and receive a refund for some of the money spent. Despite the form, color, material or service, and even irrespective of purchase sum - part of the spent money accumulates in points account and can be refund in a form of Galactico Gift card! Moreover, one can pay less at the moment of purchase in over 400 shops in Galactico shopping centers' shops. Besides, the part of the money which is refunded for the purchases made in the stores of all five shopping centers, sums up!

Galactico Privilege program ensures advantages at five Galactico shopping centers around the city - Alfa, Origo, Galerija Centrs, Mols and Dole!

Now more than ever before we analyze and weight every purchase decision. Becoming a member of Galactico Privilege program you can spent less time on daily decisions paying attention to more important issues of your life!

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