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Privilege Coupon

Give your friends and loved ones privileges!

Guaranteed discounts and money accumulation.

Want to give someone special the gift of a Galactico Privilege Card?

Galactico offers a special product in the form of the Privilege Coupon. By presenting one to your friends or loved ones, you are giving them the chance to receive a Galactico Privilege Card free of charge*. The Privilege Coupon is the most convenient way of giving your friends and loved ones the chance to become a participant in the Galactico Privilege Programme and to receive guaranteed discounts and accumulate money.


Two types of Privilege Coupon are available:

Printed Privilege Coupon

  • You can buy a printed Privilege Coupon at the information centres in our Galactico shopping centres: r/p Alfa, s/c Origo, s/c Galerija Centrs, s/c Mols and s/c Dole, as well as at our internet store:
  • To make the Privilege Coupon even more special at the moment you present it, we offer you the chance to buy variously designed packaging. Choose the one you like best!

Electronic Privilege Coupon

  • You can buy an electronic Privilege Coupon at our internet store: and present it to a friend or loved one, sending it to them by e-mail.

The Privilege Coupon can be exchanged for a Galactico Privilege Card at all Galactico shopping centres within six months of its purchase.

Give your friends and loved ones privileges!

* To receive a Galactico Privilege Card, for the preparation of the card persons aged 7-16 years require the consent of their legal representative.



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