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Purchasing Galactico gift cards

Any individual or legal entity may purchase gift cards and their packaging in the information centres of Galactico shopping centres straight away or through Galactico E-shop!

Purchasing gift cards in Galactico shopping centres

A gift card may be purchased in the information centres of the Galactico shopping centres paying cash or with payment card. You may buy up to 20 gift cards for the sum total not exceeding EUR 1500 in the information centre. If the number of gift cards to be purchased is more than 20 or for an amount exceeding  EUR 1500, you can order and buy Galactico gift cards at Galactico E-shop.

Purchasing gift cards in E-shop

Legal entities and individuals can purchase gift cards paying by wire transfer, payment card or via the internet bank of Swedbank.

Making purchases at E-shop offers several advantages: 

·          orders placed through E-shop can be shipped directly to the customer. Individuals can place their orders from anywhere in the world just stating the delivery address and recipient, and no physical presence of the customer will be required. Legal entities, in their turn, will enjoy much simpler, faster and more convenient purchase of gifts, as the ordered gift cards and their packaging will be brought right to the office door;  

·          E-shop offers an option to register onto the site; when making the next order, there will be no need to repeatedly enter information on the customer, be it an individual or a legal entity, and this will make order placement much easier, faster and simpler.

NB! If the sum total of the ordered Galactico gift cards exceeds EUR 1500, no matter whether the customer is an individual or legal entity, a Galactico gift card purchase agreement must be made concurrently with order placement. The customer has to fill in, sign and deliver the agreement in two counterparts to SIA Dāvanu karte, Stacijas laukums 4, LV-1050, Riga.
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