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  • It is an electronic non-cash payment instrument which can be used to pay for goods and services in Alfa, Dole, Galerija Centrs, Mols and Origo shopping centres within the period of validity of the electronic gift card. 

  • Galactico Gift Card can have any value between EUR 7.00 and EUR 150.00, for example EUR 20.17, EUR 77.77 or EUR 123.45. The value of the gift card is chosen by the person who buys it. Galactico Gift Card can be used together with other payment means – payment card or cash.

  • You can read everything abut purchasing Galactico Gift Cards here!

  • Galactico Gift Card offers you the possibility to choose gifts in more than 650* shops in five Galactico shopping centres: Alfa, Mols, Galerija Centrs, Origo and Dole:

    • clothing and shoes;
    • accessories and jewellery;
    • cosmetics and toiletries;
    • books and music;
    • household products: tableware, furniture, home textiles and interior design items;
    • short- or long-distance trips by bus, airplane or ferry;
    • beauty procedures, sun tanning, visit to SPA or fitness centre;
    • newest films in Cinamon cinema;
    • meals in cafés and restaurants;
    • various products in shops (including H&M, RIMI and Drogas shops located in Galactico shopping centres), press kiosks, pharmacies;
    • insurance company services;
    • consumer services etc.

    *Galactico Gift Card cannot be used in post offices, bank branches, leasing companies and shopping centre information desks, as well as in some shops that have not signed an agreement on accepting Galactico Gift Cards.

  • Yes, you can spend the amount in your Galactico Gift Card in several purchases by using the card several times or in different shops in any of Galactico shopping centres.

  • Yes, Galactico Gift Card is accepted by RIMI hypermarkets located in Galactico shopping centres (Alfa, Dole, Galerija Centrs, Mols and Origo).

  • A Galactico Gift Card that is bought from the information desk of a shopping centre is made on the spot and it is not necessary to apply for it beforehand.

  • If you make an order in Galactico E-shop, you can indicate an address in Latvia to which the order should be delivered. 

  • Loading money into Galactico Gift Card is free of charge. The buyer of the gift card has to pay only the sum that will be transferred to the gift card. During the period of validity of Galactico Gift Card there is no fee for the use of the card, and there is no commission for purchases made with the gift card.

  • The electronic gift card is valid for 6 months from the day of purchase. The expiration date of the Galactico Gift Card is shown on the card and it is the last day when the gift card is valid for making purchases.

  • Yes, for one year after the indicated expiry date you can extend an expired Galactico Gift Card provided that the balance is at least EUR 7.00. To extend the card, the user must present the Galactico Gift Card to the information desk of any Galactico shopping centre, where a new card will be made immediately, and the balance of the expired gift card will be transferred to the new one. The new card will be valid for one month.

  • Yes, you can purchase special gift card envelopes and boxes from a shopping centre information desk and also in the Galactico E-shop. In these holders, the Galactico Gift Card will be ready for presenting.

  • The balance of the Galactico Gift Card can be checked free of charge:

    • on the Galactico website under 'Galactico gift card balance',
    • in the Galactico mobile app,
    • by presenting the gift card at the information desk of any Galactico shopping centre,
    • by asking the sales person in Galactico shops before making a purchase.

    You can also check gift card balance by sending a text message with the code GDK and the gift card number to phone number 1838: GDK CARDNUMBER.
    A service fee according to the price list applies.

  • Galactico Gift Cards can be combined by creating a new card or cards, and the value of the new card(s) will be the sum of balances of the existing cards. The value of the new card cannot exceed EUR 150. To combine Galactico Gift Cards, you must visit the information desk of any Galactico shopping centre, fill in an application form, attach the existing cards and pay a fee according to the price list. When ready, the new combined gift card(s) will be sent to the information desk indicated in the application form.

  • If a Galactico Gift Card is lost, it cannot be blocked or renewed and the remaining balance is not refunded.

  • A damaged (broken, demagnetized, folded etc.) Galactico Gift Card can be replaced by transferring the remaining balance to a new Galactico Gift Card. To replace a damaged Galactico Gift Card, you must visit the information desk of any Galactico shopping centre, fill in an application form, attach the damaged card and pay a fee according to the price list.

  • A lot of attention is paid to Galactico Gift Cards payment system safety. All information about account balances is kept in a secure, sophisticated and protected environment.

  • Dāvanu karte SIA as the issuer of Galactico Gift Cards is registered by the Finance and Capital Market Commission of the Republic of Latvia, which supervises the operation of issuers of electronic money. The issuing of Galactico Gift Cards (electronic money) is ensured in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Payment Services and Electronic Money of the Republic of Latvia.



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